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Strategic planning and EU projects

Strategic planning at the national, regional, or local levels is an important part of the successful development of any area. Our company has focused on developing green development strategies that emphasize strategic development projects that contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation, protection and conservation of biodiversity, and development of green infrastructure and landscapes.

Green development strategies ensure systematic and coordinated management of natural resources - forests, soil, water, clean air. With such an approach, we increase the opportunity for the realization of sustainable solutions, and we help the community in its adaptation to modern needs and climate change, as well as in the protection of its cultural and historical values. Our company has recognized the importance of ecologically oriented strategic planning and developed - the Landscaping Strategy of the City of Ludbreg - the first green strategy of its kind in the Republic of Croatia. We develop strategic documents related to the landscape and strategies for the development of green infrastructure for local governments.

The drafting of strategic documents includes:

  •          Analysis of the situation - environmental, cultural and social factors (public opinion poll)
  •          Identification of development needs and potentials of public and open green areas
  •          Project proposal and implementation plan (sources of funding)

The importance of environmental protection, sustainable development, and adaptation to climate change are all priority areas for the development of the European Union.

European Green Deal 

At the end of 2019, the European Green Deal was presented. It defines Europe's growth strategy for the next ten years and it's aimed at making Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. The Green Deal will mobilize over 100 billion euros for sustainable investment, facilitating the transition to a climate-neutral, green and inclusive economy.

In Croatia, a National Development Strategy is currently being drafted and it will be harmonized with the guidelines of the Green Deal, which is why all local governments should start thinking and planning their development strategies that will be harmonized with relevant EU documents. Turning to sustainable development and adaptation to climate change opens the possibility of using co-financing opportunities from European funds that will be available in the future financial period that are focused on these topics.


We can help you with this through:

  • Advising you on available EU funding opportunities
  • Preparation and application of a complete project proposal on behalf of the client