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Mission and vision

VITA PROJEKT d.o.o. provides a comprehensive consulting service in the field of environmental protection and landscape architecture. The company employs experts with many years of experience in environmental protection, nature protection and landscape architecture. This includes:

  • managing and producing more than 100 designs of landscape architecture projects in varying degrees of complexity including city parks, public green areas, playgrounds, promenades,  camps, educational trails, tourist facilities, infrastructure corridors, dumpsites, exploitation fields, drainage systems, plant wastewater treatment systems ...
  • management and development of the Environmental  and Natura 2000 Impact Assessment Studies for more than 100 projects including: airports, seaports, roads, gas pipelines, thermal power plants, wind power plants, hydroelectric power plants, irrigation systems, water supply systems and drainage systems, wastewater treatment plants, water and sanitation plants, farms, golf courses ...
  • management and development of Strategic Environmental and Natura 2000 Impact Assessments and for Development Plans and Strategies of Local and Regional Self-Government Units ...

Using interdisciplinary approach and smart design, we create and renew sustainable landscapes. Within impact assesment procedures, we optimize all types of projects and thus increase their efficiency, reduce costs, reduce environmental pressures, and save resources.
Taking every job with utmost dedication and responsibility, we guarantee a maximum quality service with optimised deadlines and expenditures.